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Importance of
Soft Skill

  • The 'art of conversation' is just that ...an art.

  • Soft Skills Have Broad Application

  • As good an indicator of job performance as hard skills.

  • 90% graduates and 75% engineers unemployable because of lack of soft skills- NASSCOM

Marks & Leads

In the quest of professional excellence, technical know-how or functional knowledge is no longer the only thing that matters and it is most certainly accepted that if you don't have the necessary soft skills to go with your other qualifications; you might not be able to make it up the corporate ladder easily. Schools, Colleges and Universities focus almost exclusively on technical knowledge, and ignore critical areas like industry exposure and soft skills development. The 'Freshers' face career limitations due to their limited soft skills, behavioral skills and poor interpersonal skills.Soft skills training therefore has been set up to meet the growing needs for soft skills & behavioral skills among jobseekers , employees at the entry level and at supervisory & managerial levels in the corporate sectors. Even soft skills trainings are necessary for people who want to enhance their personal and social values.

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 Communication Skills

 Spoken English

 Interpersonal skills

 Personal grooming & Body Language

 Interview skills & preparation

 Resume’ building & cover letter

 Group Discussion

 Paradigm shift – Campus to

 Winning personality


 Goal setting & Vision.

 Emotional intelligence.

 Self esteem.

 Logical thinking.

 Team work & Leadership.

 Conflict resolution skills

 Stress management

 Time management

 Power dressing & Business attire

 Telephone & Email etiquettes

 Professional ethics


 Customer service.

 Negotiation skills.

 Positive behavior.

 Creative problem solving.

 Sales & Marketing skills.

 Business etiquettes

 Presentation skills.

 Professional ethics

 Conflict resolution skills

 Seminars & Conferences

 Business meetings

 Flexibility & Adaptability

 Confidence & Humbleness


 Power etiquettes – Office finesse,
   meal manners, table manners

 Mind power – Power of subconscious

 Work life balance for higher


  • " Leadership and Learning are indispensable to each other "
  • "The universe is not hostile, nor yet is it friendly. It is simply indifferent"
  • "Good manners are just a way of showing other people that we have respect for them"

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